The weather in Breckenridge is as varied as the terrain at the ski resort. There are an average of 300 days of sunshine and as much as 300 inches of snow each year.

In the summer, you'll find warm, sunny days with the occasional short afternoon rain shower and cool nights. Autumn is usually cool and sunny, with periodic snowfall. In the winter, there is lots of snow, but when it's not snowing, it's usually sunny. Springtime can bring almost any kind of weather. The weather here can change quickly, so consider bringing layered clothing to suit the varying conditions. It's important to wear sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes and always wear sunscreen when you are at high altitude!

Average Temperatures
Daytime - 70° degrees F
Nighttime – 50° degrees F

Daytime - 50° degrees F
Nighttime – 22° degrees F

Daytime – 28° degrees F
Nighttime – 15° degrees F

Daytime – 43° degrees F
Nighttime – 23° degrees F

For the complete snow and weather forecast, click here.

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